About Us

The Weimaraner breed, is my absolute passion in life! This amber-eyed, grey dog has become part of who I am.

My ambition is to breed a good looking specimen (maybe even a B.I.S. winner) who hunts well, and can hold its own in a field trial or hunting field.

I cannot imagine life without this ‘grey ghost’ as my friend.

I purchased my first Weimaraner in 1989, and took her to Birch Acres Dog Training Club for Obedience lessons. ‘Sheila’ (Cataract Sheila) and I qualified ‘B’ test in the K.U.S.A. competitive arena. My male ‘Ruger’ (Donuzanne Rober) qualified ‘A’ test. Since then all my dogs are given basic obedience training.

In 1995, I purchased the foundation bitch of my kennel – Ch Drutaner Haze Eva from Brian & Beryl van Druten, and decided to show her in the breed ring. She qualified for Junior Dog of the Year in 1996 and made the semi-finals under judge Percy Green.

She had her first litter on 16 January 1999 , sired by Ch Dunollie Glen Mohr of Gerca (Imp.Australia). 2 Dogs and 5 bitches – ‘Sabaka’ is born.

Of my ‘A Litter’ there were 3 Champions made up: 2 bitches and 1 dog. Subsequently, there are six more Champions to my credit.

The dog from my ‘A litter’ – Ch Sabaka Mist Apollo and his litter sister Ch Sabaka Mist Aster (NSD), both won puppy groups, with Apollo going R.B.J.I.S. under an International Judge at Witwatersrand Kennel Club in 2000. Apollo won the Weimaraner of the Year ‘ award in the same year, being awarded many group placings.

Sabaka Mist Fraulein won the Puppy Groups at T.M.K.C. & Witwatersrand Kennel Clubs under International Judges in 2003, and the ‘Puppy of the Year’ award.

Sabaka Mist Kayla won the puppy group at the Witwatersrand Kennel Club in 2004, and the ‘Puppy of the Year’ award.

The dog Ch Gerca Billabong NSD (bred by Carine Buitendach and owned jointly by myself and her) went R.B.I.S. & B.P.I.S. at the Weimaraner Klub Open Show in 2000 at the age of 4 months and 1 day, under judge Liz Megginson.

In 2001, ‘Tau’ was awarded Puppy of the Year and Weimaraner of the Year – the first Weimaraner in the history of the Klub to attain both awards in the same year. He and my foundation bitch ‘Eva’ were the only two Weimaraners to be awarded both the Puppy and Weimaraner of the year awards. Since 2001 Tau has won the award every year.

Tau’s show career has been very successful. He has been awarded many group places at both Open & Championship Shows and has represented the breed at ‘Dog of the Year’ Competitions’ since he has been in the Showring.

In 2002 he won the Gundog Group under Mrs Koskelo from Finland and in 2005 he again placed first under Mrs Williams from New Zealand .

In 2003 the Weimaraner Klub was indeed lucky to have Vicky Bambridge of Beckstone Kennels in the U.K. (A Weimaraner specialist and writer of the book ‘The Weimaraner Today’), as our judge. She awarded B.I.S. to Ch Sabaka Mist Falcon, at the time, still in Junior Class. He beat 28 Weimaraners to this award, including 7 Champions.

In 2004, under Michele Colborne, Sabaka Mist D-D took the top honours.

2005 saw 2 Sabaka bitches placed in the top spots by Bob Barnett: Ch Sabaka Mist Infinity was awarded B.O.B. and Sabaka Mist Juno went R.B.O.B. The Klub had a wonderful entry of 36 Weimaraners for this show!

I believe that a Weimaraner must be able to hunt, as this is what it was bred for. The ‘Breed Standard’ states that the hunting ability of a Weimaraner is ‘of paramount importance’. All my dogs are trained and entered for the Weimaraner Klub’s Shooting Ratings, which are held in June each year. The following Sabaka dogs have passed the various tests

Novice Shooting Dog (NSD):

Ch Sabaka Mist Aster

Ch Sabaka Mist Falcon

Sabaka Mist Fritsjan

Ch Sabaka Mist Infinity

Ch Sabaka Mist Kayla

Sabaka Mist Liberty of Stahlberg

Sabaka Mist Leal

Sabaka Mist Leia

Shooting Dog (SD)

Ch Sabaka Mist D-D

Sabaka Mist Gunther

Novice Retriever Dog (NRD):

Ch Sabaka Mist D-D

Sabaka Mist Fritsjan

Sabaka Mist Gunther

Sabaka Mist Leal

Sabaka Mist Leia

In 2000, Ch Sabaka Mist Aster was awarded the trophy for ‘Best Performance in the Field’. This year (2005) Sabaka Mist Gunther won both trophies that was up for grabs: The Lucas Verch Memorial Trophy for ‘Best Performance in the Field’ and the C.J. Breyer-Menke Memorial Trophy for the ‘Best Retriever of the Day’.

My bitch Ch Sabaka Mist D-D passed the Natural Ability Test of the H.P.R. Field Trial Club, which is open to all H.P.R. (Hunt, Point, Retrieve) breeds, in 2003.

Sabaka Mist Gunther passed this test in October this year (2005).

I joined the Weimaraner Klub soon after purchasing my first Weim – Sheila. Here I learned all about the ’ways of a Weimaraner’. I grew to love this special breed and to recognize all its quirks and special characteristics under the guidance of Ray & Lilian Taylor, Brian & Beryl v Druten and Paul & Jayne Bagley.

Presently I am Chairman of the Klub, a learner on the Breed Committee and also a learner judge for the Shooting Ratings.

I would like to extend special ‘thanks’ to Brian & Beryl van Druten for entrusting my special girl Eva to me.

Also a big ‘thank you’ to Carine for the one and only ‘Tau’ (Gerca Billabong). He is the light of my life!

I would like to end this summary with a quote from the book ‘The Essential Weimaraner’ by Patsy Hollings. I feel these words describe the breed to a ‘T’.

‘The Weimaraner being a hunt, point, retrieve (HPR) breed is rather a Jack-of-all-trades, so has many facets. Originally bred to hunt in the thick forests of Weimar game such as wild boar, wild cat or deer, the Weimaraner is and has to be courageous, and because the game is extremely dangerous, very protective as well. Being a gundog the Weimaraner is soft-mouthed, yet has this protective streak, usually lacking in the more popular gundog breeds. Because the Weimaraner has the gundog temperament coupled with courage and an acute protective instinct, the dog can be a great asset to the owner who understands this character properly.’

Achievements 2005

  • Breeder of the Year 2005
  • Weimaraner of the Year 2005 – CH Gerca Billabong (NSD) 5th year in a row
  • Best in Group at the Witwatersrand Kennel Club Show – CH Gerca Billabong (NSD)
  • Best of Breed Throphy Show – CH Sabaka Mist Kayla (NSD)